Do you come home from the grocery store only to realize you have two of the same items you just bought? Do you go shopping and buy the same items over and over again, either because you didn’t realize you already had them or because you are stuck in a style rut? Do your children’s closets still have clothes that are three sizes too small in them? Do you find yourself anxious because you can never seem to find what you are looking for? Do you often miss deadlines because you can’t keep track of when things are due? Clutter Away LA can help.

Schedule an in-home consultation so that I can “assess your mess.” Together we will discuss your goals for the space in question and talk about the next steps.

The Declutter

Let us declutter an area in your home. We will purge the excess and find organizational solutions for the rest!

The Fresh Start

Are you moving, renovating, or repurposing a room in your home? If you are starting from scratch, this is for you!

The Peace of Mind

Want a way to keep up with it all? Let us tackle the piles of paperwork and set up your home office and more!

Ready to Start Decluttering?

Contact us for an in-home consultation.